Who is the chef

Olivier Le Calvez
Executive Chef, El Catrin

It would require volumes to record the vast experience Olivier Le Calvez, Executive Chef of El Catrin.

With over 30 years spent in kitchens around the globe, it’s difficult to encapsulate it all in a few mere paragraphs. So here’s the highlight reel to get you started:

El Catrin, one of the Historic Distillery District’s busiest destinations – and biggest (320 seats) - has been “a project of a lifetime,” says Le Calvez, who has been with the restaurant since day one. His authentic traditional and modern Mexican cuisine continues to receive top honours from both tourists and city-dwellers alike.


Part of what sets his food apart from the rest is his extraordinary training that has spanned the world – Europe, Asia, and Latin America, to start - working with legendary chefs including Paul Bocuse.


Working at numerous world-renowned hotels, restaurants, festivals and events - from Maxim´s de Paris and Modern Mexican Restaurants (with Richard Sandoval and Placido Domingo) to opening Groupo Posadas (one of the biggest, exclusive hotels in Mexico) - Chef Le Calvez can handle high end to high volume with great ease.


Notable accreditations include Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, member of La Cademie Culinaire de France Mexico, Judge at Bocuse D´or México, Top 10 chef of Mexico by Buena Mesa, and Co-Founder of “Cours D’Aprantisage Profesionel,” a program for aspiring young chefs that still runs today.

Chef Le Calvez has been featured in various publications including Conde Nast Traveler, El Gourmet.com, Elle, GQ, Marie Claire, Playboy, GQ, and Reforma.


It’s all about creating memories. La Calvez, a top chef from Mexico City, calls his food “very traditional,” but lightens it, gives it a French twist (he’s half French), and plates it in a modern fashion.

Simply put, elevated fare that’s never stuffy.


“We believe in the product and we have such passion. We care so about every dish,” La Calvez says.

The extensive tapas style menu, changed three times a year, allows you to sample a variety of different items. Did you know there’s an array of vegan selections on the menu?

His top three favourite dishes? “It’s hard to narrow it down,” he says. “I love everything.” But when pressed, Tuna Ceviche, Short Rib Mole Negro, and Tacos Pastore come out on top.

Also not-to-be-missed: best-sellers Guacamole en la Mesa - made at the table and available with optional additions of crickets or chicharron - and Baja Tacos featuring beer battered cod fried until crispy and golden.